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tv   Today  NBC  October 13, 2015 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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check it out. good morning. breaking overnight. two firefighters killed, at least six others injured when a building engulfed in flames suddenly collapses. this morning how kansas city is coping with the loss. showdown on the strip. the democratic candidates for president take the stage tonight in las vegas for their first debate. and hillary clinton takes the opportunity to visit donald trump's ve gas casino. >> i don't think it is entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. >> will it be clinton's democratic rivals getting the punches tonight. what was she thinking? a woman uses a live streaming app to record herself driving drunk. how her followers tipped off police and helped get her off
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the roads. and cover story. "playboy" announced it will no longer publish nude photos. why reading it for the articles will no longer be a lie. today, tuesday, october 13, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this monday morning. trying to think of something to say about "playboy" that won't get us in trouble. >> let me speak for husbands and say, there were naked photos in that magazine? really? >> that's the only safe thing to say. that's a shocking decision. first tonight's much anticipated democratic debate as hillary clinton and bernie sanders look to avoid mistakes.
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lincoln chaff, and jim webb hoping to have a break out performance. we'll talk to nicole wallace. let's start with peter alexander. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morningle to you. welcome to las vegas. she is already in a league of her own. tonight the only democrat on stage who's been in a debate before. she's been on debate stages since high school. analysts say a strong showingle could solidify her performance or give more ammunition to the enemies and opponents who say the campaign wheels are come off the bus. tonight she'll debate her fellow democrats. on the ground in las vegas hillary clinton took aim at the republican front-runner, donald trump. showing up unannounced to the union protest outside a trump-owned hotel. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining. i don't think it is entertaining when somebody insults
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immigrants, insults women. >> reporter: clinton's main priority, avoid mistakes that could dominate the headlines. clinton took part in more than 20 debates in 2008. tonight aides hope that will help her deliver a strong performance. then the ongoing e-mail controversy. while partisan sniping hat under cut the house benghazi committee she'll argue it is personal attack with the e-mails being released three days before the iowa caucuses. and clinton will try to deliver a message to joe biden that despite the controversy she's a safe bet. finally can clinton connect with voters? david axelrod said clinton's task is to be real. with clinton facing criticism as a washington insider she'll argue that as a woman she's the true outsider candidate. lately she's used self-deprecation, even mocking
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hero bottomic demeanor. >> i was constructed in a garage in palo alto a very long time ago. >> reporter: adviserspeated there is a difference between democrats and republicans than the democrats themselves. over six months hillary clinton has only mentioned bernie sanders's name at most a handful of times. >> we'll see if she sticks with that strategy. >> hillary clinton's biggest rival tonight is bernie sanders who is surging in the polls but never faced this high profile of an event. andrea mitchell also in las vegas with a look at senator sanders's strategy. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. bernie sanders is ahead in new hampshire, raking in millions of dollars and attracting bigger crowds than any other democrat. so far he has avoided personal attacks against hillary clinton.
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the question is will that change tonight? the fire it is brand democratic socialist is getting used to huge crowds. but this is a whole new stage. the preparation. her super lawyer playing sanders in debates. surging sanders take on the democratic front runner. >> differences of opinion should be discussed. >> reporter: will sanders get personalle? he said he won't. he will call clinton out for veering left, flip-flopping on the environment, wall street reform and trade. will sanders who raised more than $26 million in small donations in the third quarter sharpen his attack on clinton for being backed by wealthy donors? finally can he show he isn't too far left especially after this comment to chuck todd on "meet the press." >> people will have to contrast
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my consistency and willingness to stand up to corporations and wall street with the secretary. >> are you a capitalist? >> no. i'm a democratic socialist. >> reporter: sanders inspired millennials to turn out on college campuses around the country. tonight he'll prove his message can resonate with a wider audience. sanders knows tonight is the big moment. he says while he hasn't changed his principles the democratic party is moving closer to him. savannah? >> andrea mitchell in las vegas, thank you. we are joined by nicole wallace, former director for george w. bush. good morning to you. >> good morning. big night. >> big night. ve gas is the setting. are you expecting a slug guest or do you think it will be sober policy seminar? >> i'm on the other side, but i feel nervous for hillary clinton. she's in the position of being
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the democratic party's head candidate but not the heart candidate. once again somebody else has captured the passion of the democratic party. when it happened eight years ago when barack obama captured their imagination and passion you felt bad. if she makes the mistake again of not capturing the passion she only has herself to blame. >> what can you to in a setting like that? >> you know, i think preparing a candidate like hillary clinton is completely different from preparing somebody who hasn't done this before. as you said, she did it in 2008. she knows the policy backward and forward. you have to get her out of her head and almost into the val character from snl last weekend. you have to get her comfortable but she has to avoid a fwaf like the kinds she made on the book tour when she said she was flat broke when she left the white house and said she hasn't driven
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herself in 20 years. that's not where the democratic party is. they are more angry than the republican primary voters about a system they view as rigged and corrupt, a system thatle hillary clinton has been in the center of for 25 years. >> bernie sanders exploiting that feeling. let's talk about the elephant in the room -- joe biden. do you assume he 's watching and this is part of his determining calculation whether to get in -- how she does in the debate? >> you know him and you have interviewed enough politicians to know anyone who runs for office watches debate it is same way. they feel the jabs, think i would have done it differently. whether he gets in or not he'll have choice words tonight at the performance of all of them. at the end of the day i believe he's going through an excruciating process of balancing his grief with his desire to continue to serve the
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country he loves. there is no doubt he has an opening. >> he's up against the political calendar. we'll see what he decides. good to talk to you, nicole wallace. thank you. >> thanks, savannah. >> a tragic fire in kansas city overnight took the lives of at least two firefighters. natalie? >> such a sad story. a massive fire burned through the night. still smoldering. the firefighters were clearing an area with a partly collapsed roof when the structure came down on top of them. this morning officials in kansas city, missouri, are investigating a two alarm fire at an apartment building that killed two firefighters and injured two others overnight. fire crews dispatched around 7:30 p.m. found the structure damaged by smoke and flames. >> we had two individuals in the structure we had to clear out of the structure. from there we got a chance to do an offensive attack. conditions changed. we had to pull out of the building. >> reporter: two people were rescued from the second floor.
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as the firefighters were pulling back from the unstable structure, a wall gave way, the building collapsing instantly, killing the two firefighters. two other firefighters battling the blaze were transported to the hospital with injuries. >> they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. they didn't die in vain. >> so sad. meanwhile the firefighters who were killed haven't yet been identified. we'll continue to report on the story throughout the morning. no known cause of the fire yet either. >> thank you very much. now to a confrontation in south carolina that has some supporters of the confederate flag facing criminal charges. the allegations that they made threats outside a children's birthday party. pete williams is in washington with more. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the people charged are part of a group called respect the flag that was formed during the controversy over the confederate flag following the murder in
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june of nine worshippers at a black church in south carolina. at an incident caught on cell phone video prosecutors say seven pickup trucks flying confederate flags drove up to a family birthday party in july in douglasville, a small town west of atlanta. witnesses say the 15 people charged -- ten men and five women yelled racial slurs at the african-americans at the party, including children, and threatened violence. some witnesses say members of the group brandished weapons. four of the 15 charged appeared in court late monday identified as scott chapman, robert anthony ma mansard and levi bush and john allen. all are charged with violating the street crime and terrorism prevention law and making terroristic threat. serious charges with a maximum sentence of 15 years. georgia doesn't have a hate crime law. no comment from the lawyers were
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those charged. the southern poverty law center which pushed for the case to be prosecuted said people were terrorized in an act reminiscent of the ku klux klan. savannah? >> pete williams with an update on those charges. thank you very much. >> natalie has a breaking story from the middle east. >> israel's prime minister is calling an emergency security meeting after a new wave of violence escalated overnight. john yang is covering the events from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the death toll in israel stands at three in four separate attacks. police say the deadliest camel in a pair of attacks in jerusalem. in one, palestinians got on a bus and started shooting and stabbing passengers. the second, a driver rammed into a bugs station before stabbing pedestrians. north of tel aviv, two separate stabbing attacks. this is just the latest in escalating violence across israel and the west bank. in the past four weeks, at least
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seven israelis and 29 palestinians killed. hundreds more wounded. natalie? >> john yang reporting from london for us. thank you, john. in the netherlands, investigators looking into the downing of mh-17. today they briefed family members about the findings. 298 people or killed on the plane when it went down last year in eastern ukraine. relatives were told a russian-made missile hit the cockpit killing the crew members. the passengers died or lost consciousness as soon as the missile hit and the plane broke apart. the supreme court considers a case that could shorten prison sentences for hundreds of inmates who committed crimes as joo niles. three years ago the court barred sentences of life without parole for those under 18 when committing dricrimes. now they will look at whether that should apply to those
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sentenced before the ruling. a block buster tech deal in the works. dell is buying data storage company emc for $67 billion, the biggest price tag for a tech merger in history. the deal helps dell expand into data storage, mobile, security and other fields which it calls the fastest growing areas of the tech industry. and a daring rescue caught on camera shows how far firefighters will go to save a life. this nashville firefighter was off duty when a fire broke out. the neighbors weren't home. he ran in to find the dog. tim is a dog owner and didn't mind carrying sampson, a german herding dog. he said he did it because it need ed to be done. that's the kind of neighbor you want to have next door. >> look what's going on behind him. amazing he walked out. >> thank good goodness. >> thank you so much. how is the weather, al? >> i called in the troops.
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i needed help doing the forecast. we have a great forecaster for you. take a look and a listen to hailey. >> i cannot believe this! oh, my god! [ screaming ] the wind really picked up. oh, my god! >> in watertown, south dakota. she does a terrific job. i tell you. dylan and i have to be on our toes with somebody like that. here's a front pushing through. that caused all the wind. ahead of it we have showers in new england. also making their way through upstate new york. not going to be that heavy. look at the winds behind this front. 20 miles per hour sustained gusts in cleveland. buffalo, 29. 14 miles per hour winds in new york. as the front pushes through, the low pressure pushes up into canada. we are going to look for gusty conditions. airport delays will most likely be a problem as the day wears on today. we are going to get to your forecast coming up in the ne
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>> i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds rksz some sunshine and a chance of scattered light showers. 70s this afternoon but cooler weather is on the way. 67 tomorrow after morning temperatures in the 40s and low 50s, gets chillier on thursday morning, 46 degrees, then a chance of showers later on friday as a cold front reinforces the cold air for the weekend. sunday morning and monday morning temperatures in the 30s with highs in the 50s.
7:17 am
and that's your latest weather, matt. >> here's an update now on a story we told you about yesterday. the drama unfolding on the baseball diamond. in front of a sold out citi field the mets struck back. the mets crushed the dodgers. score was 13-7. for a lot of the game all eyes were on a player who wasn't even on the field. >> number 26, infielder chase utley. [ booing ] >> the sold out crowd erupted into boos when chase utley was introduced. >> you may remember utley was suspended for two games after this slide left ruben te jada with a broken leg. utley is appealing. he didn't start last night. meantime tejada got a warm welcome when he walked onto the field with the aide of a cane. the mets face the dodgers
7:18 am
tonight at citi field. >> a win and they could wrap it up at home. >> that's the way to answer back -- with a win. >> coming up, playboy putting its clothe s back on. how the internet forced the american institution to change its ways. and a drunk woman livestreams herself behind the wheel. the comes arrest her. how social media is changing law enforcement. first on tuesday morning this is "today" on nbc.
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all right. coming up, we are calling it extreme holiday shopping. there is a new trend to get it done, every bit of it, by halloween. >> they are calling it the roker effect. also crasher in chief. why president obama showed up unannounce at a wedding in san diego. that's a good photo. after your local news. johnson's believes that bath time is more than cleansing and moisturizing, it's a time for development.
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so you're covered when adorable strikes again. good tuesday morning. your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're seeing sunshine but tracking clouds that are moving in ahead of showers. that's a live view from the comcast building in center city philadelphia. 60 degrees here at nbc 10. showers to the west, those showers moving through central pennsylvania will be moving in to our area during the later morning hours and into the afternoon. but, won't be an all day rain. we'll get enough sunshine to warm in the 70s this afternoon. >> for the ride to work check the roads including 422. >> tracy, we're seeing major jams here on 422, these are cameras around 29. you can see approaching an
7:27 am
accident scene actually so we have a 22-minute drive time east from 29 to the schuylkill. the accident is near the schuylkill expressway. so watch for that. we're dealing with normal delays though for the rest of our drive times. 95 southbound doing the worst from wood haven to the vine street expressway. give yourself a half hour at least before you head out the door. >> thanks. new from overnight a man is in critical condition after being shot during a home invasion in philadelphia, sky force 10 was over the scene. police say three men got in the home through an unlocked door before midnight. the victim's wife and children were home. they weren't hurt. later police recovered a bloody handgun from a car that crashed blocks away. possibly the getaway car. so far no arrests. i'm tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes. we thought we'd be ready.
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♪ 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 13th day of october, 2015. we have a big mid-week crowd out on the plaza. we'll go out and say hi to them in a little while. >> it may be raining out there. watch out. here's what's happening in the new this is morning. the democratic candidates take the stage in las vegas tonight for their first 2016 presidential debate. fru front runners hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be joined by lincoln chaff and gym webb. >> two firefighters were killed while fighting an apartment
7:31 am
fire. four others were injured. the cause is under investigation. a delta plane had to abort takeoff in jamaica after a fire was reported inside the cargo area. 160 people and six crew members were evacuated safely. an airline spokesperson said there was no fire on the plane. coming up, a story you will love that will give you chills. two women adopted as young girls ended up working alongside each other in a florida hospital four decades later. they got to talking, compared stories and thought, well, maybe they could be long lost sisters. a dna test proved their huchblg was right. it is a remarkable story. we'll hear from them coming up. >> all right. a sign of the times. surprising news from a historic magazine changing its ways. "playboy" will stop publishing nude images of women, ending a tradition six decades in the making. miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: the magazine known
7:32 am
for showing so much is about to show a lot less, turning the page on history. come march, "playboy" is taking the nude out of the redesign. the storied men's magazine will feature women in provocative pose bus the models will no longer be fully nude. >> the internet killed "playboy." nudity is something that's everywhere through a google search. what "playboy" did isn't special anymore. >> reporter: debuting in 1953, marlin monroe was the original cover girl. what followed was models and movie stars posing nude. circulation thrived in 1975. 5.6 million. today, it's just over 800,000. >> it's been a wonderful ride. it's not over yet. >> reporter: hugh hefner created "playboy" and many say changed the way americans see sex. >> i don't think any other magazine in the 20th century had
7:33 am
more influence on america and the world. that's a pretty wild position to be in. >> reporter: "playboy" with its struggles remains a brand valued around the globe. but times are changing and so is "playboy." >> i think this is the beginning of the end for "playboy" as we know it. >> reporter: more than just pictures the magazine profiled politicians, economists and artists. when someone said they read "playboy" for the articles, it just might be true. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> so "playboy's" editor cory jones told the "new york times" don't get me wrong. 12-year-old me is very disappointed in current me, but this is the right thing to do. >> classic. it is a sign of the times. tamron is following from the orange room. what does the internet say? >> the hashtag nudes are old news trending just above no bra day. take a look at that. actor tommy bechtold tweeted
7:34 am
"playboy" announced it will no longer feature nude photos in its magazine. no, shouted the last man on earth without internet access. and "playboy" is doing what? and saying we are more free to express ourselves politically, sexually and culturally today and that's partly thanks to hef's heroic mission to expand those freedoms. it's ready available and making it difficult for magazines in general for the digital world. >> does it make your collection priceless? >> i no longer have to hide it in the closet. >> for expert analysis, to matt and al. >> you know what? it is a sign of the times, no question about it. it was provocative and shocking in some parts of the day. not anymore. >> not anymore. >> let's take another look at the weather now with al.
7:35 am
>> i remember finding the first copy under my uncle champ's front seat. >> oh, yeah, uncle champ. >> uncle champ is like, hey! >> we were at orion point park. there you go. for the longest time i thought women came folded in three and were stapled. it was crazy. >> keep going, al. >> anyway, high pressure -- it's getting hot in here because of the big area of high pressure. look at that. record-setting temperatures. med ford will set a record, sacramento, re no. also looking at las vegas probably tying a record. coming close in albuquerque. in the northeast, look at the jet stream. today we'll be above normal while kansas city, memphis to raleigh. by thursday, we see temperatures starting to drop. as we move into friday and saturday, the temperatures really start plummeting. we'll see the changes coming. everybody below normal into saturday. look at sunday morning. look at that.
7:36 am
temperatures will be in the 40s and on into the 30s in some parts of upstate new york. maybe snowshowers. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds, some sunshine and a chance of scattered light showers, 70s this afternoon, but cooler weather is on the way. 67 tomorrow after morning temperatures in the 40s and low 50s, gets chillier on thursday morning, 46 degrees. then a chance of showers later on friday as another cold front reinforces the cold air for the weekend. sunday morning and monday morning in the 30s with highs in the 50s. that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up, what are the movies you could watch over and over again? the list is out. not surprissurprisingly, men an have different opinions. we'll weigh in coming up in trending. and a woman in florida live
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we are back now at 7:40. the latest tool in law enforcement may be just a click away as more investigators are using social media to track down law breakers. for example, one woman posted herself driving drunk as she was doing it. kerry sanders has her story.
7:41 am
good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning. there is an app called periscope. it's integrated with twitter. as i hold up my phone and we go to periscope it allows me to show you and anyone else on the internet anywhere in the world a live picture. you see the camera crew here and the satellite crew here. but if you are breaking the law and using periscope it's not just people out watching around the world. the comes are also watching and you could find yourself in a world of trouble. >> just have fun. >> reporter: out for a night in lakeland, florida, 24-year-oldle whitney biel was using the periscope app to livestream herself and friends at a bar. >> you can say hi back. >> reporter: then whitney made a decision she admits was bad. >> i'm driving home drunk. let's see if i get a dui. >> reporter: with others watching through periscope, she hits a curb. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: concerned, at least
7:42 am
two viewers called 911. >> i just saw a girl on per scope driving drunk. >> reporter: the dispatcher wasn't sure what the caller was talking about. >> she's driving really fast. you can see it. >> what's periscope? >> reporter: a recent survey found 8 of 10 law enforcement professionals use social media for investigations and almost three-quarters believe it can help solve cases more quickly. sometimes the police are helped by suspects with more social media skills than smarts. this man took video of himself robbing a bank and posted it to instagram. shortly before being arrested. these guys stole a computer and cash. then used the computer to brag about what they did by posting it to facebook. this sarasota police department was recognized for effective use of social media in crime fighting. >> criminals sometimes give us clues as to what their criminal activity behavior is.
7:43 am
they post things on social media which helps us. >> let's see if i get a dui. i don't think i will. >> reporter: back in lakeland, it took place about 20 minutes after the 911 call to find biel using landmarks in the video. she was pulled over, given a sobriety test and charged with d d dui. >> looking at it through her eyes was shocking, to say the least. >> reporter: no date has been set for this trial. she has posted a bond. she told -- the suspect told wfla, the nbc station in tampa, she learned her lesson. savannah? >> all right, kerry sanders. thank you very much. wow. >> i don't know what to say. >> you don't make that up. >> coming up, tracy morgan returns to stand-up. this is the first time since his accident. up next, are you done yet? extreme holiday shopping. new trend. people who get all their holiday gifts purchased by halloween. hi, i'd like to make a dep--
7:44 am
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october. already some people have finished their holiday shopping. >> who are those people? >> each year it feels retailers are pushing us to hit the malls earlier. is it possible to embrace the entire christmas spirit before halloween? sheinelle jones has more on that. >> do you like the christmas music? >> no. >> it adds an extra touch. yes. if you just brought your pumpkin home it might feel premature to talk about what's going under the christmas tree. those planning ahead now say they will be enjoying the holidays later. while christmas is still 73 days aw away, for some it's already the season. >> i am 100% done with our christmas shopping. and that's probablile about 15 family members and 40 other people we shop for. >> reporter: betsy isn't alone. according to a reevent survey, 26% of consumers have already started their holiday shopping. 58% plan to start before black
7:49 am
friday, which -- in case you were wondering -- is still more than six weeks away. >> when you are shopping you're really allocating time for yourself to get things done on a more leisurely schedule. in terms of budget, those who have a fixed monthly allowance they spend, they are able to better allocate those dollars. >> reporter: holiday shopping in the heat of summer or alongside ghosts and goblins in early fall? some shoppers aren't sure. >> i haven't even figured out what i'm wearing for halloween. >> the last thing i'm thinking about is christmas. >> reporter: for retailers who saw a 4% spike in holiday sales last year it's 9/11 too early to look a lot like christmas. kmart rolled out this lay away commercial in september. >> it's ridiculous to think about christmas now. >> reporter: she may miss some of the last minute deals for betsy it's about trading time in line for time with the family. >> we can sit by the fire and
7:50 am
read the stack of christmas books. >> reporter: as for the other holiday now less than three weeks away? >> my daughter picked out her halloween costume in february. >> reporter: she already has it covered. even if some of us are starting to shop earlilier we should note there are plenty of last minute shoppers. last year the busiest shopping day was december 20. the last saturday before christmas. for more on early holiday shopping you can visit >> do you know what's weird? i already cooked and ate my thanksgiving dinner. >> that's efficient. >> she already ordered in thanksgiving dinner. every year it's the same for me. i say i'm not in the spirit, wait for the cold weather, get in the spirit and then i'm stressed because i only have a couple of weeks to do shopping. >> i thought i was doing good having the halloween costumes, i have soef sophia the first and sonic the hedgehog running around. >> the key would have been
7:51 am
monday, columbus day when everyone has the sale. i love online shopping. you could have gotten things on sale and then forget where you put them. >> if you buy things very earlile it's more difficult to return them after christmas? >> yeah. >> 30-day policy. >> but you have to have a gift closet. a generic gift closet. when you buy it on sale -- >> tamron's rules. >> jill martin taught me that. >> happy holidays. >> merry christmas. >> coming up, we'll help you do some holiday shopping if you have a big, big
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast. meteorologist bill henley has that. >> it's a nice start, we're seeing sunshine and look at the fall color in the pocono mountains. it's been a great view from the french manor. that view will be changing however. right now with sunshine, temperatures are warming. 60 in philadelphia. 63 in atlantic city and the pocono mountains up to 53. sunshine, some clouds, and a chance of scattered showers, mainly this afternoon. >> bill, thank you. if you head out the door let's check the roads including 42. >> we are seeing some delays right now on the 42 freeway in new jersey. which is a little typical but it's backed up for this time. this is around deptford at route 41. you can see we have a 7 minute
7:57 am
drive time north from 55 to the walt whitman big. doesn't seem that big of an increase but that's a 4-mile stretch so that's a significant increase there. you can see all brake lights backed up to this point northbound in the bridge area. you'll need extra time heading out on the 42 freeway this morning. for a heads up taking the vine street expressway later on, east, westbound closed 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. >> new this morning investigators will be looking for the cause of a house fire in delaware county. sky force 10 was over the scene. the fire broke out around 4:30 this morning. they are working to find out if any one was in the home. a viewing today for community activist jerry mondesire. he died six days shy of his 65th birthday. the viewing will be at bright view baptist church.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. giving up, against all odds. two women working side by side for years realize they are actually long lost sisters. >> i just cried and cried. i'm sorry. >> born 40 years ago half a world away. we'll hear from them. then, throwback today. >> i was a "leave it to beaver" fan. >> i thought i was the coolest when i got a super 8 sound movie camera. >> from celebrity crushes -- everyone in "star wars." i thought luke skywalker was cute. >> to 80s hair styles. >> i think i had a mullet. >> we look at what defined generations of america. and back on his feet for the
8:01 am
fist time since his tragic accident, tracy morgan gets back on stage to perform stand-up as he prepares for his return to "saturday night live" this weekend. what he's saying about his big debut today, tuesday, october 13, 2015. [ cheers and applause ] >> all the way from iowa. >> we are reilly and mckenzie, future the "today" show hosts. >> i'm here to meet al! ♪ >> 60 years together from macon, georgia. >> happy birthday! >> all the way from so-cal to celebrate my 12th birthday with "today"! >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it is tuesday, october 13, 2015. earlier reports in which i
8:02 am
stated it was monday were in error. >> neither of us recognized that. >> it's tuesday. thank you, internet. >> christmas shopping. you had a bag here a second ago. >> oh, yes. >> and a handful of can i belki >> and how would your someone special like keanu reeves or lyle lovett? you can purchase them this year, kind of. it's part of the nieman marcus show we do every year. >> let's get a check of the top stories. natalie, good morning. >> good mornings once again. the democratic presidential candidates debate tonight in las vegas. it will be the first time hillary clinton goes face to face with vermont senator bernie sanders. peter alexander is already in
8:03 am
las vegas for us. peter, lots at stake this morning. >> reporter: natalie sh that's right. both of the candidates, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are highly skilled debaters. in the words of david axelrod, for hillary clinton the challenge is to be real. for sanders it's to be human. just as soon as she landed on the ground in las vegas yesterday clinton didn't focus on her democratic opponents but on the republican front-runner donald trump joining a union protest rally outside a trump-owned hotel. clinton will likely face questions about nagging krichls about the ongoing e-mail controversy, her veering left and her likability, authenticity. sanders will try to contrast himself showing he's the true blue progressive on stage. clinton realizes there is a lot at stake and one mistake could give ammunition to her opponents and the immediate i can -- medi
8:04 am
going forward. they will be on stage for two and a half hours tonight. >> thank you, peter. today a safety board in the netherlands is out with the report on last year's downing of ma litigation airline mh-17. there was a haunting reconstruction of the front part of the plane rebuilt from the wreckage recovered in eastern ukraine. investigators concluded the plane was brought down by a russian-made buk missile that exploded less than three feet from the cockpit. it didn't conclude who fired it. they say 298 people on the plane were killed or lost consciousness as soon as the missile hit. tragedy during the night in missouri. kansas city is mourning two firefighters who died in the line of duty. the fire department arrived to find intense flames shooting out of the apartment building. the firefighters were killed when part of the building collapsed. they had just rescued two people from the second story. at least four others were injured. firefighters in idaho are struggling to control a raging wildfire outside of boise.
8:05 am
the walker fire has burned more than 3,000 acres. it is now burning into areas of heavy timber and away from home. helicopters are dropping water on the fire in an effort to keep it from spreading. 15 supporters of the confederate flag are facing charges this morning in georgia. they are accused of making terroristic threats by driving by an african-american family's birthday party in july with flags waving, allegedly yelling racial slurs. the incident kaugts on cell phone video. some witnesses say members of the group respect the flag also had weapons. they are accused of violating georgia's street gang and terrorism prevention law. a new bride and her husband took a detour on the way to their wedding reception after taking lots of pictures at the tennessee wedding they got word the father of the bride and two other family members including the grandmother had been in an accident. the bride, still in her wedding dress, raced to the scene. sarah and her husband are emts. she jumped bo the back of the
8:06 am
ambulance to make sure her grandmother was all right. everyone who was injured will be okay. but the photo of the bride emt in her wedding dress has been viewed by more than a million people on facebook and now by millions more here. lots of people like that picture. she said she was just checking on her family. >> she got there. >> lucky groom, too. >> natalie, thank you very much. now to a story that's so touching and seemingly impossible. >> two sisters separated 40 years ago in korea now working on the same floor in the same hospital in florida. tamron has that. >> this is incredible. hollily searched for the sister she knew she had for decades. she finally found her in her friend and co-worker megan. it is a story that crosses continents and has many coincidences. >> i just cried and cried. i'm sorry. >> reporter: it is a reunion 40 years and 7,000 miles in the
8:07 am
making. until a few weeks ago megan and holly were co-workers, working the same shift on the same floor at doctor's hospital in sarasota, florida. >> she trained me one day. that's how we just immediately clicked. we started having a conversation about our backgrounds. >> reporter: the two became fast friends sharing lunch breaks and stories. >> she mentioned she was also an orphan. that got my attention. i asked holly what her last name was in korea. she said shin. i said that's my name, too. >> dna tests showed they also shared a father. >> i couldn't begin to say words. i was in shock. >> i was trembling, shaking, crying. my husband had to hold me. >> reporter: born two years apart in south korea they were orphaned and separated before young megan turned 5.
8:08 am
they were adopted by separate american families moving here two years apart n. the 40 years since they have always asked questions about their early childhoods. >> questions, constant questions that do i have a sister? do i have a mom, a dad? >> reporter: the answers coming in the form of a nearly impossible coincidence. >> i prayed to god every day, please find this sister. he did all the work. >> i felt like it was closure. i got the closure that i -- >> oh, nice. >> it's something i have always wanted to know. >> reporter: long lost sisters reunited, wreeg eager to celebrate their first holidays together as family. >> i'm looking forward to doing christmas shopping for my nieces. >> wow. >> they're going to start casting the movie now. that's unbelievable. >> there are so many layers too it. how they ended up together in
8:09 am
sarasota, being adopted, brought to the states. two different states they were raised in. >> in the same profession. >> meant to be. >> yeah. >> tamron, thank you. coming up in trending, what do some vegetarians eat after they have been drinking? >> and a big announcement from model chrissy tiegan and john legend. >> and we talk to jessica chastain who is gearing up for halloween with a new terrifying halloween with a new terrifying when the weather starts turning cooler and the air halloween with a new terrifying is nice and crisp, i know that fall has finally arrived. and with it, all the flavors of the season. fall is all about bringing people together around delicious food. and each recipe brings as much enjoyment as the company. low prices on everything you need to make every
8:10 am
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8:12 am
hi. 'wer back at 8:12. time for trending. even knows alcohol makes matt -- makes people lose inhibitions. >> me, too. absolutely. >> and same thing for vegetarians. apparently alcohol decides they might try meat. 37% of vegetarians admitted to trying meat when they are drunk. >> really steadfast vegetarians. >> good for them. >> the daily news says vegetarians are drunk dialing an old flame. >> i love that. >> the company said it is important to support vegetarians so they don't do something they will regret the next day. >> three glasses of wine. tofu or bacon cheeseburger? >> cheeseburger. >> normally wedding days are
8:13 am
about the bride. one woman was more than happy to drop everything for an unexpected guest -- the president. president obama. president obama happened to be playing golf on the course where stephanie and brian toby were getting married, tory pines in san diego. when she heard the president was nearby she picked up her wedding dress and started running, toward the president. the encounter theyed the wedding less than an hour. and the president offered this piece of advice to the groom -- don't step on stephanie's dress. >> timeless advice. >> that's a great picture. >> seized the moment. >> yeah. >> what are the movies you could watch over and over again? we all have one, right? >> yeah. >> first we'll tell you what america says. most people said the number one movie they will watch over and over again, "star wars." >> sure. >> followed by "wizard of oz"
8:14 am
and "the sound of music." for men, the one they would watch again and again "the godfather," "lord of the rings" and "wizard of oz." for the ladies, "the sound of mus music" and "star wars." also caddyshack. >> matt? >> so ifphi eerks's choice and god father. definitely patton and "ghostbusters." >> natalie? >> "casablanca". >> i have never seen it. >> do you believe in love? >> shocking. >> tamron, what about you? >> i'm embarrassed. "despicable me." it's creepy because i don't have kids. it makes me happy every time i
8:15 am
watch it. >> i have never seen "despicable me" either. >> everyone thinks i grew up in a cave. you? >> "ghostbusters." still to me the classic. also "blues brothers" as well. >> tell him about the twinkie. >> how many times have you showed up sick for work? we have. should things be different if you are a doctor? doctors are just like the rest of us. in a survey 96% of doctors said they wouldle still go to work if they had symptoms of a cold. 36% said having the flu would not keep them home. >> what part of being a doctor don't you understand. >> do you believe it? >> they're sick and they have the sick people with weakened immune systems. >> maybe with the gloves on. >> they know how -- no? >> big news from john legend and chrissy teigan and a big
8:16 am
surprise from tracy morgan. time for popstart. tamron? >> it's a happy popstart. we are celebrating this morning with chrissy teigan and john legend. the couple expecting their first baby. chrissy posting this on instagram. she talked about their struggles. she said, it hasn't been easy but we kept trying. we are so excited that it's finally happening. of course she added, i look forward to all the belly touching. so cute. adorable pic they posted. and tracy morgan still healing after the tragic accident that left him injured. he tweeted, my first time on stage in 16 months. picking up the pieces. matt, in your interview he talked about what it means to him to return to the stage. tracy is keeping the promise. he's hosting "saturday night live" this week and it will be great. finally, chris pratt is
8:17 am
everywhere. he's the star of the highest grossing movie this year, "jurassic world." you would think people would know him. billy eichner found out, not so fast. >> who is that? >> i have no idea. >> it's chris pratt. >> sorry! >> "guardians of the galaxy"? they have never -- what? >> we don't watch tv. >> it's movies! do you think he's still slumming on nbc? >> who is he? >> thank you. >> miss, for a dollar, look who it is. hottest star in the world right now. >> oh, my god. >> what's his name? >> chris evans. >> no! chris pratt! >> look who's here. >> chris pratt. >> i like your wife. >> anna.
8:18 am
>> that's anna farris and their beautiful baby. what a great sport. >> i have nightmares walking down the street and having billy come up to me. i would never get it right. >> i don't want it, go away. don't yell at me, please! >> a check of the weather? >> all right! see what we have for you today. we have showers making their way to the northeast. dry really for much of the rest of the country. that front stretches all the way down into the southeast, moving showers through atlanta. afternoon highs going to be really toasty through the southwest. southern california as well. 60s and 70s in the pacific northwest. look how cool through the great lakes. 40s and 50s through the great lakes. wet weather in new england. look at the sunshine. a few scattered showers, windy conditions through the upper great lakes. otherwise a fairly nice day for much of the u.s. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley.
8:19 am
clouds, sunshine and a chance of some scattered, light showers. 70s this afternoon. but cooler weather is on the way. 67 tomorrow. after morning temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. gets chillier thursday morning. 46 degrees. then a chance of showers later on friday. another cold front reinforces the cold air for the weekend. sunday morning and monday morning, temperatures in the 30s, with highs in the 50s. have a great day. al, thank you very much. this morning we are kicking off a new series and we are calling it throwback today. >> we'll be looking at the cultural events that defined america as we grew up helping shape us and a lot of you, too. ♪ >> i grew up at a time. there was a lot going on in the world. assassinations of martin luther king, jr., bobby kennedy.
8:20 am
trial and tribulations over the war. >> it was a time of upheaval. sometimes you wondered where it was going. >> i grew up in the '80s which i remember seeming really big and modern and so different from the old days. >> i think in america we sort of got our groove back. ♪ >> i was a "leave it to beaver" fan. >> and gary mathers as the beaver. >> donna reed show, andy griffi griffith, mayberry. >> i have seen every episode of "the love boat" and ""fantasy island"" which was right after the lo boat on saturday night. i was living in spain at the time when "cheers" came out and we would get all of the beta max tapes from the states my friend's family would send her. we would watch "cheers" all
8:21 am
weekend long. >> "laugh in," to me, was one of the greatest shows going. the flip wilson show was unbelievable. ♪ diane carol was the first african-american woman to headline a sit-com. i thought she was stunning. >> catherine deneuve, the french actress. back in the day she did a car commercial for mercury cougar. she would growl. [ growling ] >> david cassidy. the partridge family. ♪ i think i love you ♪ what am i so afraid of ♪ i'm afraid that i'm not sure of ♪ ♪ a love there is no cure for >> everyone in "star wars." i thought luke skywalker was cute. then my tastes matured and i liked man solo.
8:22 am
>> summer of 1969. we watched the grainy images of the man walking on the moon. i'm sure at that moment i decided i wanted to be an astronaut or wanted to be in the news business telling stories like that. >> i remember watching martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech. for the first time the power of words really sinking in. >> i have a dream today. [ cheers and applause ] >> still to this day it sends chills. >> desert storm. during the first gulf war my father was actually sent to iraq. you know, watching it on the news you have a different perspective when you know that's your dad there. >> i loved court tv. i watched the william kennedy smith trial, the mendez trial and of course the o.j. trial. >> one of my first cars had an 8-track tape player. i remember popping that huge chunky tape into that player and
8:23 am
thinking this is the most ingenious thing i have ever seen in my life. >> i thought i was the coolest when i got a super 8 sound movie camera which gives you an idea of what my idea of cool was. it's shocking that i didn't have a date for the prom. >> i think i had a mullet. i really did. 7th grade. it was a really bad look. really bad. i think everybody had a mullet at some point. >> i didn't have the mullet. i had big curls that were kind of a mess. i tried to get that big claw with the bangs that were all teased up. >> my wife and i will talk to our kids about the world we grew up in as compared to the world they're growing up in. i don't think they can even get their arms around it. >> this is before you could make a phone call from your hand. you had to either be home or at a pay phone to get information. >> in honor of the '80s -- ♪ in
8:24 am
your eyes ♪ ♪ the light, the heat ♪ your eyes ♪ i am complete ♪ oh, i want to be that complete ♪ ♪ in your eyes >> i wonder if everybody feels that decade they kind of come of age, their teen years. it's the most exciting and the most unique decade ever. that's the way we all experience it. >> fun look back. just standing here thinking we are so much older than you two. it's crazy. >> we weren't going to say it. >> first major album you bought? >> "yellow brick road" elton john. >> "meet the temptations." >> let's bring it to the '80s. >> love this record, madonna. >> who can top madonna? michael jackson, "thriller." i burned through this album. >> looking at the other stuff on the table.
8:25 am
my favorite drink as a kid, yoo hoo in a can. >> yogi berra was right, chocolate energy drink. >> what do you have? the slinky, a casio electronic watch which was like there's 150 when they first came out and the pocket calculator. i was cool. >> jellies. >> mine were pink. but the jelly shoes, rubik's cube and the christmas we got an atari. we felt like the luckiest family. >> pac-man and ms. pac-man. >> sony walkman. i think i had a generic version. my parents were cheap. we want to hear from you. send your favorite pictures. use the hashtag throwback today. >> also tomorrow,
8:26 am
good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> sunshine from the city to the shore. there are clouds and some showers, too. you won't see them at cape may. just sunshine there. moving in from the west, the radar shows the wet weather that's moving toward harris burg at this hour. and still a chance we'll see scattered showers during the day today. late this morning, showers moving in from the west. and a scattered shower or two, with temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. >> all right. bill, let's check the roads. jessica boyington is doing that. what are you seeing, jessica? >> major delays on 42 around the schuylkill expressway. right now we're looking at 29
8:27 am
around 422. we can still see a 21-minute drive time eastbound. typically a six to seven-minute trip. we're still seeing heavy delays in the eastbound lanes. watch out for another accident on the right-hand shoulder. heavy delays on 422 out of the ordinary. big delays on 75. schuylkill is jammed up. blue route just below the normal spot. tracy? new this morning delaware state police are searching for two men they say tried to break into a church in wilmington. police just released these two images of the men. they used tools to try to get into st. marks methodist church back on september 20th. police say some property was damaged in the attempted burglary. if you recognize them you're asked to call police. i'm tracy davidson. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. now back to the "today" show. vince mazzeo-
8:28 am
8:29 am
fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
8:30 am
8:30 now on this tuesday morning, the 13th day of october, 2015. a couple of showers in new york earlier, but nothing that should keep the figure skaters from taking to the first full day on the rockefeller rink. we have charlie and merrill gracing the ice. we'll talk with them in a little bit. >> we'll stick with the christmas holiday theme with some fantasy gifts from lyle lovett to keanu reeves. they are not for sale. but this limited edition mustang also. >> plus, two-time oscar nominee jessica chastain is here to freak us out with a new horror
8:31 am
flick "crimson peak". >> after you get off the rink you may want to see this. one of the best things about fall weather. >> we love "best time ever" with neil patrick harris. tonight might be the best time ever. why? >> speak for yourself. >> savannah and matt are on the program. you cannot miss how neil got away with pulling a prank. he is the king of pranks. jack black tonight's guest announcer. music by the b-52s. the show airs live tonight at a new time, 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central, right here on nbc. >> all right. we are so proud of this. we have a brand new award winner in our midst. ms. tamron hall and our producer received the edward r. murrow award last night for a very powerful story they did on
8:32 am
domestic violence. congratulations to you. in addition, bob dodge son and ian wenger won awards for their story on a blind kayaker. congratulations. richly deserved. >> very nice job. >> al, a check of the weather. >> let's see what we have starting with today. not bad. things quiet. showers and thunderstorms through new england. windy across the great lakes into the central plains. look for sunny, cooler weather in the pacific northwest. it will be hot as you get into the southwest and interior sections of the pacific northwest. tomorrow, again, sunshine throughout much of the country. showers around the great lakes. hit or miss thunderstorms down through southern florida. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds, sunshine and a chance of scattered, light showers. 70s this afternoon. but cooler weather is on the way. 67 tomorrow after morning temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. gets chillier thursday morning.
8:33 am
chance of showers later friday as another cold front reinforces the cold air for the weekend. sunday morning and monday morning, temperatures in the 30s with highs in the 50s. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you very much. we have been barely able to crack open the sweater closet yet. believe it or not, the unofficial start of the shopping season starts now. nieman marcus is here with fantasy gifts as part of the 2015 christmas gift. ginger reader is here with us. happy holidays. >> exactly. >> we always do the big over the top gifts fist. then we get to manageable ones. >> absolutely. >> i told savannah she could give me socks, but no. what do we have here with keanu reeves? >> this is an arch motorcycle and an experience where you not only get the motorcycle.
8:34 am
you will be flown to california to spend two days driving with keanu around his favorite rides. >> are you kidding me ? >> we have three available. we have already sold one. there are only two left. >> keanu, ready to take a road trip with folks? >> absolutely. share the passion. >> this is your motorcycle company. >> right. i'm the cofounder. >> awesome. >> total stranger and you take to the roads on this beautiful bike. >> on the coast, through the mountains, a forest, oceans. >> what's the price of this? >> $150,000. >> but a donation is made as part of this. >> for all of the fantasy gifts a portion go s to the nieman marcus foundation for arts education for kids. >> that's a hot bike. happy holidays. >> all right. thank you. >> can i just say i'm not worthy? i love lyle lovett.
8:35 am
tell me about the gift. >> we have three different guitars designed by three texas legends. billy gibbons, lyle lovett. you get tickets to a concert to see them and will be given the guitar backstage. $30,000 apiece. >> lyle, keanu is going on a road trip. are you willing to bring someone up on stage? >> people get to come to the show. they might think they have to come to the show to get their guitar. >> it's fantastic. which is yours? >> this one. >> very beautiful. >> fantastic. >> each of the guitars have been built by craftspeople who show their passion and workmanship. the heart and soul shows. >> if you have never seen lyle in concert, go tsee the show. fantastic. >> thank you very much. here's matt's christmas present. >> yes. >> he's had an eye on this all morning. >> this goes on sale today at
8:36 am
noon. there are 100 of these. $95,000. this mustang has been custom built for nieman marcus by fnc productions. you get a racing school package as well. >> 50th anniversary mustang. santa, call me. >> santa not included. here we have a fashion icon. >> how are you? nice to see you. >> tell us about this amazing gift. >> this trunk of iris's is inspired by her travels, her collection. all of the jewelry is made by women around the world. for $80,000 you get over 250 accessories and you are flown to dallas to have lunch with iris at the nieman marcus flagship. she will style you after lunch. >> i love your fashion philosophy. more is more? >> absolutely. less is a bore. >> she is an icon. iris, great to have you back.
8:37 am
>> my pleasure. >> and children's halloween costume. >> or any time of year. these are heirloom trunks designed by mackenzie child. >> we know this little girl. >> she told me. >> so you get in the trunk from chasing fireflies, four beautiful disney princess costumes and five super hero costumes. long after the children have outgrown their costumes we have beautiful trunks. >> quickly walk me past the table of reasonable gifts. >> everything on this table is under $100. you can find it at nieman something for everybody. >> we'll get into these. you will be back later with kathie lee and hoda. >> we'll talk in detail. >> i will see if i can get lyle to play that guitar for a second. thank you very much. lyle, keanu and iris, thank you. you can see all the gifts in the christmas book. up next, jessica chastain
8:38 am
does scary. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ two-time academy award nominee jessica chastain is one of the most sought after actresses in hollywood. her newest film is called "crimson peak." she plays lady lucille sharp who isn't happy when his brother moves his new bride into the family estate. >> i want this house to contain nothing but friendship, love and warmth. >> warmth would be an excellent start. thomas, your bride. >> forgive. let's go upstairs. >> lucille, when it's convenient would you mind giving me a copy of the house keys, please? >> you don't need one. >> i'm sorry? >> there are parts of the house that are unsafe. it will take you time to familiarize yourself.
8:41 am
should you still need them i'll have copies made. >> she seems friendly. >> chilly. >> a little chilly. nice to see you. this movie will freak people out. >> i hope so. >> you like doing this? >> it's fun. this genre is a great place for female roles. it's great. >> you told "time" magazine this will change the way we view women in movies. >> i mean, that's a broad statement. i think i was talking about the genre of the gothic romance. the lead character played by mia wasikowska is allowed to be a sexual creature and not be punished for that. >> is it true that the director wanted you for the other role and you wanted to be the evil character? >> he sent it to me thinking i would respond to edith. that's the lead character. so of course, what actress wouldn't? i wanted the darker one. >> were you the little girl who loved these movies or did they get to you and give you nightmares? >> i loved it.
8:42 am
when i was in high school, i had gothic friends and, oh, my god, we loved "interview with a vampire" with tom cruise and brad pitt and the costumes. it was fun. >> do you believe in ghosts? >> yeah. >> like in the floating figure ghosts or just kind of misplaced spirits? >> it's more fun to believe in ghosts than not to. yes, i believe in ghosts. sometimes the lights turn off and on if i'm in london or something. i always say, hey, okay, great. you're here. i recognize you. i'm super tired. please let me sleep. >> you have had experiences that you relate to ghosts? >> yeah. who knows? it could be an electrical -- >> a short circuit. >> it's more fun to think someone's trying to communicate. >> i had a house where a chair would move -- a rocking chair. >> how long did you stay there? >> long time. a few years. i was reading about you last night as we often do when someone like you is coming. first of all, you have a reputation. do you know what it is? >> sounds terrible. >> i mean it in a good way.
8:43 am
do you know what it is? >> what? >> you don't just take a role. you dive into roles. >> yeah . >> how do you plead? >> absolutely true. to the sadness of my family and friend s. >> is it just the way you learn? >> you know, when you are playing a character you have to defend them and understand them. it's fun playing a character like celia foote from "the help" because you're love and light. playing lucille you have to defend dark actions. that can get tough. >> the other thing i read and i don't know if this is a statement that gets taken out of context but you have a hidden desire to play the villain in a bond movie. >> yeah. it started out at the beginning in 2011 with people saying wouldn't you like to be a bond girl? wouldn't that be fun? yeah, that would be fun but i would rather play a villain. then you are someone to contend with. and how much fun would it be to kick bond's ass once in a while? >> fun, i guess. he's not happy playing bond, mr.
8:44 am
craig. >> really? >> he made disparaging comments but that's for another interview we'll probably never do. this is "crimson peak," lady lucille. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you very much. this movie is from our sister company universal. it opens friday. if you like to be extra spooked it will be available in imax as well. up next, martha stewart getting souped up. first on a tuesday morning this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
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8:46 am
mini babybel. snack a little bigger. cooking with martha is brought to you by macy's. >> we are back. 8:46 with today food. this morning on our super supper series we have the one and only martha stewart here to make us a mushroom soup featured in martha stewart "living." good morning. >> good morning. >> do you love soup season? >> it's a wonderful time of
8:47 am
year. so healthy and good for you. >> absolutely. >> this is an especially delicious soup made with farrow which is the oldest grain, oldest wheat grain known to us. it's high in protein. >> great for energy. overnight is best. three quarters of a cup of farrow soaked in cool water overnight. >> okay. >> i could do it over here. we'll make it with lots of different mushrooms. >> what do you like? >> these are porcini, dried have a tremendous amount of good flavor. >> okay. >> we have other mushrooms, too. >> i see you soaking them. >> they're dried and you have to make sure they absorb a lot of liquid to get tender.
8:48 am
chop them up like this. >> okay. >> first in this pot add your chicken stock. three and a half cups. and now your farrow, strained. >> all right. >> that's the overnight soak for narrow. >> right. now it's ready to cook. >> all right. >> add that to the chicken stock. >> okay. >> let that cook for approximately 45 minutes. >> all right. >> we have onions. >> these grains, by the way, the old-fashioned, unusual, antique versions of grains come from places that are artisanal growers. these came from phoenix. the zimmerman family revitalized all the old grains. they are healthy for you. >> they are having a resurgence. let's check in with the tasting table. >> martha, this is really good. >> fantastic. >> could you use fresh mushrooms instead of dry? >> here's a fresh one.
8:49 am
this is hen of the woods. have you used that crazy mushroom? chantarelle are delicious. oyster mushrooms and these odd ones. these are royal trumpet mushrooms. >> wow. >> chop them up like this. you need about one and a quarter pounds. stir them with a half a stick of butter, three garlic gloves and one white or yellow onion. add the soaked porcini to those. saute until they look like this. beautiful. >> i would eat that. >> that's great over pasta. you would like that. >> the last step is what? >> this is the farrow. it's now tender. see how it gets swollen and splits up. add your mushrooms. >> the smell is amazing. >> unbelievable, right? >> i want a room fragrance like that. >> if you like -- oh, i turned it up to 20. turn it down to zero.
8:50 am
>> got it. >> thank you. in your pan you can add a little bit of tried sherry just to add a tiny bit of flavor. do you taste the sherry? >> not really. >> quarter of a cup. just brings out the flavors. >> they just said, send more sherry. >> a little bit of vinegar to brighten the flavor. >> served with a beautiful crusty bread. >> that's it. want a taste? >> of course. if you want this recipe and more delicious dinner ideas go to >> salt and pepper. >> the company is rushing to make the holiday candle, wild mushroom. >> you know what? it will be a best seller, matt. >> amazing. >> we have wonderful recipes using all the antique grains. they are really delicious and healthy and nutritious. >> i love antique grains. martha, you're the best. up next, the rock center rink is open. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
this morning on today at the rink we are celebrating the opening of the 79th season of the world famous rockefeller center rink. back again to help us open the rink in style, two of our favorite medalists meryl davis and charlie white. you are going back out on the stars on ice tour. >> we are. never felt like we were off tour to be honest. we're on the road all the time and just loving everything we're doing. >> what are you going to perform today? >> "dog days are over" by florence and the machine. one of our show skates. we're super stoked. >> all right, guys.
8:54 am
♪ ♪ happiness hit her ♪ like a train on a track ♪ coming towards her ♪ stuck still ♪ no turning back ♪ the dog days are over ♪ the dog days are done ♪ the horses are coming ♪ so you better run ♪ run fast for your mother ♪ run fast for your father ♪ run for your children ♪ for your sisters and brothers ♪ ♪ leave all your love and your longing behind ♪
8:55 am
♪ you can't carry it with you if you want to survive ♪ ♪ the dogs days are over ♪ the dog days are done ♪ can you hear the horses ♪ cause here they come [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and i never wanted anything from you ♪ ♪ except everything you had and what was left after that, too, oh ♪ ♪ happiness hit her ♪ like a trabullet in the back ♪
8:56 am
♪ struck from a great height ♪ by someone who should know better ♪ ♪ the dog days are over ♪ the dog days are done ♪ can you hear the horses ♪ cause here they come first alert forecast, bill henley has that. bill? >> tracy, temperatures are climbing. there are some clouds around. they're going to get thicker, track i tracking them slowly moving to
8:57 am
the east, swinging in parts of our area. those showers look like they'll start falling apart as they move into philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies at 10:00. by 1:00 this afternoon, spotty showers in the area. 72 degrees. at 4:00, we'll still see a few scattered light showers in the region. new video into the nbc 10 newsroom. police say this blue chevy may possibly belong to one of the men who carried out a violent home invasion. a bloody handgun was found inside. the vehicle was towed as potential evidence after it crashed into another car in cobb creek. the home invasion left one man in critical condition. he was shot in the head with his wife and three young children inside at the time. over at the scene late last night, three men got into the home through an unlocked door, held a gn to the woman's head, demanded money and then shot her 50-year-old husband. the children were not hurt. police are looking for whoever shot a 15-year-old boy
8:58 am
in the head in north philadelphia. fors found the boy in front of the housing authority building on 10th street last night. he is in extremely critical condition. i'm tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download. now back to the "today" show. have a great day. co
8:59 am
9:00 am
&÷ welcome back. it i a.m.0 it was always about the articles. "playboy" will stop publishing fully nude photos coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning in new york city. october 5, 2015. another good day outside on the plaza. will natalie and tamron. al coming back with the morning jam for us. >> that's how you know
9:01 am
by nico and vinz featuring kid ink and bebe rexha. this is the clean version. >> oh, yes. >> you h ve to be careful. >> good choice. >> it's the end of an era. for decades now. hugh hefner debuted "playboy" and marilyn monroe was the cover girl. no more fully nude photos in "playboy." >> you only read it for the articles. >> that's the line. now you have to read it for the articles. >> good journalism in play. >> tit'soke but true. >> great profiles, columns and other things as well. the web st 1972ng issue in sold more than 7 million who was on the cover?
9:02 am
swedish model. >> a swedish mod el >> i'm the to internet which is "playboy's" problem. people are downloading the imag see.ey want to you don't have to go into the convenience store and ask. you don't have to wait for it to come the brownail in -- does it come in brown packages? >> some people get it in the mail and it's covered, too. >> i'm glad you asked that. my dad wrote an article for "playboy." madonna was on the cover. it was on a shelf in his office. i took it down and boy, did it change mlife. >> at 8? >> you were how old. >> maybe '84. so i was 9. >> y skipped the national geographic page? that's how a lot of boys are exposed to the female form at the dentist's office.
9:03 am
>> not just boys. girls, too. wow. >> not readily available. >> it changed the way madonna positioned herself, displayed herself that shocked the system. >> do you remember yours? >> i said it earlier. i was 10. we were on a family outing and my uncle champ sent me to the car get something. i re and r i was in there there was something poking out under the front seat. hello! whatever happened to al? well -- >> t about how far gone society has come that we have had the conversation. >> it's not without controversy of what the magazine -- some wome and represented still they do believe that we can have an open dialogue. hugh hefner of run out town. >> "playboy" clubs around the world, around the country. barbara walters with the
9:04 am
expose. >> he had a difficult time getting it going because of the controversy. >> think of the magazines now that are out there. >> circulation is down to 800,000. it was up in the millions for a long time. they just said we can't compete withonline. we'll do good interviews and profiles. >> you wonder how the other s will continue to compete. >> they are a lot more -- "playboy" tried to distinguish themselves as classy. >> tasteful nudes. >> tasteful. >> like going to a museum. >> oh, yes. >> i'm just helping. >> i love that grouping. which i thought was a sin. >> i can't find the answer, by the way. >> how many of us used the app periscope. >> all the time. >> not like this. >> there is a young woman out there busted by police after using the app
9:05 am
to stream live while she was driving drunk. 23-year-old whitney diehl, last saturday, lakeland florida is livestreaming video of herself and friends first a bar and then driving home. >> say hi back! >> i'm driving home drunk. let's see if i get a dui. i feel like i'm not driving straight but i should be. i really hope you don't wish i get a $150 ticket. because they're horrible. and a dui will cost more -- so much more tha wh i'm worth. >> so people are watching this live. on so many levels it is so sad. obviousl she's got some problems. but at least two people were watching. they called 911. this is just one of the calls. >> i just
9:06 am
saw a girl on periscope driving drunk. she's driving really fast. you can see it on the -- >> what is periscope? >> it took police 20 minutes after the 911 call. they found her using landmarks they saw in the video. she was pulled over, given a sobriety pass. obviously didn't pass. charged dui. she's free on bond while awaiting the date of court appearance. she told wfla she's learned her lesson. on so many level s. thank god she didn't get hurt or hurt somebody else. she' usinging a phone. she's drunk or at least under the influence. boy. she' latest example of these criminals -- not just -- i'm not labeling her a criminal, but people who committed crimes and posted the media on facebook, instagram. >> police are now following social media and cracking down.
9:07 am
they are able to put the case together. >> it's interesting. the police officer eventually found her. the department doesn't allow themdownload periscope on the work phone. he had to take his personal phon andownload the app track her down. i'm sure they will change that now. >> i watched that video, i was thinking about the parents who have lost a kid. the a parent because of someone like that. to see it flaunted like that online. >> clearly. and to hear her say, kbrope get a $150 -- >> her last line. is she worth it? she 's almost question ing her self-worth. i hope she gets help. >> i wil transition to somehere. lighter i have not seen it. full disclosure. the title alone freaked me out. they asked me to click on it and i didn't. >> in the best way. >> they say misery
9:08 am
loves company. anything called most flexibl man. gather your children and go. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my. >> it gebetter. half his body disappears. >> oh! >> what the. >> oh! >> oh, gosh. >> i can do a backben not that crab claw thing. >> wow. >> here it comes. >> willie has hung out with the guy. >> this is times square. >> look at him. >> he 's a butterfly. >> he'll run across like a scorpion. >> oh, come on. >> w at -- >> do you know how dirty that ground is? it's times square. >> crazy. >> when it said most flexible man to -- want do >> are you glad you saw
9:09 am
it? >> no. god bleshim. >> he had a huge crowd. >> he kn use how to it. >> i thought being able to touch my toes. >> it take as lot for some people. >> you can. >> >> you can touch your toes. >> right now. >> tamron is celebra ing an award today. >> we are celebrating. the murrow award. the shine a light report done on domestic violence which is personal to you and vivian solomon, our producer. >> who is in our studio. i said to vivian, we came up on stage. they called me and i said, you have to vivian, and the baby. trying to get through the aisle with the baby was like parting the red sea. we got up
9:10 am
there and we were like thank you so much and thank you to t seven women who opened up. they told their deepest , darkest and most painful secret s. day one, safe horizon, lutheran settlement house. we are working on getting our psa done. our still ise is going. thank you very much. >> we should shout out robin, too. over saw the series. >> oversaw the entire shine a light. she's phenomenal. we are s raising money for all of our shine a lights. thank you very much. it was a huge honor. >> nicely done . >> mr. roker, weather? >> all righty. we have a front pushing through. not a big deal today. in fact, thankfully after the last couple of weeks our weather is pretty quiet. watch john leguizamo chilling out. >> watching you tell the weather, man. >> jout, chilling hanging out with zack, the stage guy. we are
9:11 am
watching a front push through. scat andd showers that's the worst of it. behind the front we have gusty winds. could be airport delays. chicago, york into this evening. watch fo showers and thunderstorms. the winds will be the big story over the next 24 hours. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds, sunshine and a chance of scattered, light showers. 70s this afternoon. cooler weather is on the way. 57 tomorrow after morning temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. chillier on thursday morning, 46 degrees. chance of showers later on friday. another cold front reinforces the cold air for the weekend. sunday morning and monday morning, temperatures in the 30s with highs in the 50s. have a great day. that's your latest
9:12 am
weather. >> al, thank you very much. up next, he's an emmy winning comedian but john leguizam is showing more in "meadow land." that, his new book and his cameo in t bieberstin book and his cameo in t bieberstin your body was made for better things than book and his cameo in t bieberstin rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to a biologic, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as two weeks, and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma, and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region
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time in the service... community college... it matters. it's why we, at university of phoenix, count your relevant work and college experience as credits toward your degree. learn more at windex that you don't even know it's there? so clear by sfx: slide show smudge it! with the new smudge stick even clear glass gets visibly smudged in a snap. sfx: smudge sounds against glass get it now and say no to spotless clear windex glass. emmy winning actor, producer, comedian and playwright john leguizamo has tackled a range of subjects in
9:15 am
his career. >> he can make us laugh and do heavy well, too. in "me dowland" he plays a father who loses his daughter to a drunk river and bonds with luke wilson at a support group over a parent's worst nightmare. we have a lot to talk about. >> please do. >> graphic novels. the bieber video. >> actually bieber is in your video. >> kind of. in my world. my kids are big fans of bieber. i brought him to the set. he was nice to them. took photos. >> good cred there. >> your kids didn't make the cut. >> they got cut out. my son' first time being cut out of a flick. >> how did you break the news? >> i said watch this. >> d watch his face crumble? >> he said, but i was there four or five hours. what happened? i said, i don't know, man. happens all the time. >> that's good. >> i explained it to him.
9:16 am
nobody ever explained it to me when i was cut out. i would go to the premiere and i'm not in the movie. >> oh. >> let's all go home. >> could have called you. >> i all the tux and that. >> nobody gave you the dvd and said, watch this. then make your decision. >> it was shortness of breathing. such a shock. i'm over it now. >> this movie is incredible. we had o h livia and luke here talking about it. they're so good. you're so good. >> thank you. >> explain the premise of the film. it's tou powerful. >> yeah. in the movie, i lose my child to a car accident. i'm in a grievingroup. luke wilson comes over. he's sharing, too, he lost his child. i think he 's my friend and everything. we start hanging out. i realize he wants to act out my rerevenge f venge for me. i'm like, no, dude.
9:17 am
i only want something to happ in mmind. lose my number. >> kids, you it had to be a hard role to take on. >> i like doing the movies. i'm the worst case scenario. i think the worst things will happen. with a movie like this, i get it out of my system. i get an emotion al enema. >> i at any time see that coming. >> it's out of me. >> let's go to ghetto clown. the one-man show and now a graphic novel. this is terrific. >> thank you. >> w decideyou to transfer it to graphic form? >> it was the only play i thought was the most comprehensive of my life. i tr60s, d to the 80s, 90 s. working with pacino, swayze.
9:18 am
graphic novel could capture that. lots of pictures. >> are you working on another one-man show? >> i'm working on latin history for dummies. >> i love it. >> a lot of people don't know what we havedone. >> like hamilton. >> without the music. >> give us music all the time. >> m re founding fathers. we like that. >> ooh, yeah. >> like that. >> wow. >> al roker. this is clearly a man of many talents. john leguizamo. >> you bring out the best in him. >> the book is "ghetto clown." "mea on demandill be
9:19 am
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9:22 am
it's time to start changing when. okay. so halloween just around the corner. holidays fast approaching. probably goodies for the kids. we have some that take only minutes to make. here to show us, host of mad genius tips on food & justin. >> t having me back. >> banana s'mores. >> aweso for fall. this trick lets you do it all year long. take a banana and peel off just the top like that. >> just like that. >> take a s scoop oon out some of the banana and save it
9:23 am
because it's tlis eeit's delic >> of course. >> chocolate chips, marshmallow, you can do pecans. throw it on the campfire or in the oh even. 375 for ten minutes and you get this awesome banana stuffed s'more. >> amazing. i'm mesmerized. >> we are making apple tarts. >> okay. apple picking season. >> these are apple rose tarts. we are thinly slicing apple here. we s lemon water to keep it from changing color. we rolled puff pastry and spread apricotjam. fold that side on top. >> just like that. then you roll it up. just like this. pop it in a muffin pan. look at these amazing beautiful. it puffs up because the puff pastry
9:24 am
explains. individual tarts for the autumn season. >> did you sprinkle it with anything? >> cinnamon. >> i threw cinnamon on it, confectioner's sugar. >> what are we making here? >> t favoritee of my treats because it's instant. we have frozen strawberries. >> they need to be frozen? >> w making almost instant ice cream. i'm sorry. we'l sweetened condensed milk to make it nice and creamy. vanilla and salt. >> we made this together. >> did.we that's why i brought it today. i thought even wanted to see it. pop it on, pulse it until it's chop pureed then until smooth. go ahead and try this. tamron has had it. >> aspen food & wine. it was a huge hit. >> i love this one. >> we can do mango and blu bs berry. >> frozen yogurt bark. >> this is healthy. all we have done is take nonfat greek yogurt. >> layer it.
9:25 am
>> spread it, nice and flat on wax or parchment paper. >> freeze it. >> sprinkle it. seeing changes in your skin? with time, cell renewal decreases. so skin loses its vitality and radiance. discover age perfect cell renewal from l'oreal. formulated with exfoliating lha. skin renewal is accelerated. new cells rise to the surface, faster than before. my skin is more radiant, refreshed. l'oreal age perfect cell renewal. i like me age. and i like my skin now, too. l'oreal skin expert paris. we're worth it. after trying brookside chocolates, @pam_cakes v tweeted: "leave it to me to drop a brookside down my shirt & lose it." you didn't lose it. you saved it for later. brookside. talk about delicious.
9:26 am
breaking news is this. we just learned that the victim of a home invasion in philadelphia late last night is now dead. police say this blue chevy may belong to one of the robbers who carried out the home invasion. a bloody handgun was found inside that car. the vehicle was towed away as possible evidence after it crashed into another car at 51st and locust streets in cob creek. a 50-year-old man was shot in the head by those robbers. his wife and three young children were inside the home at the time. sky 4's 10 was over the scene. three men came through an unlocked door, demanded money
9:27 am
and shot her 50-year-old husband. the children were not hurt. turning our attention to the forecast now, it's looking like another nice morning out there. we could have showers on the way with meteorologist bill henley standing by with that. we start off with lots of sunshine. clouds are on the increase. tracking showers moving in from the west. we'll see scattered light showers in the area, including the pocono mountains where skies are partly to mostly cloudy at this hour. wet weather just to the west. first few showers moving in to berks county will take some time to move into philadelphia. temperatures are up. 65 in philadelphia. 67 in atlantic city. we'll see 70 as we head into the afternoon. new this morning, delaware state police have pretty clear pictures of men who tried to break into a church in wilmington. now they just need names. these images of two alleged burglars were released. they used tools to break into
9:28 am
the church. if you recognize either of those men, call police. i'm chris cato.
9:29 am
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taking a look at the headlines the safety board in the netherlands is out with the report on last year's downing of malamh-17.airline there was a haunting reconstruction built from the wreckage recovered in eastern ukraine. investigators concluded the plane was brought down bay russian- missile that exploded less than three feet from the cockpit. it didn't conclude who fired it. it says the 298 people on the plane were killed or lost consciousness as soon as the missile hit. prosecutors say they have identified perinterest. officials in iowa are trying to find out if lottery fraud is bigger than first thought. this summer eddie tipton, a former lottery official was convicted of fraud and sentenced
9:31 am
to ten years for trying to rig a lotto drawing. he's facing new charges of tampering with lottery machines to help including his brother, to win more than $1 million. authorities are investigating whether other lottery drawings may have been involved. >> a new study suggests that a glass of red wine every day can control type 2 diabetes. patients studied showed ess hypertension, belly fat, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. white wine didn't have the same benefits. doctors often warn be careful with alcohol consumption. home prices are more affordab bigway from cities. the price difference between metropolitan-area homes and the far out suburbs has never been greater. in the past, you realtors said can safe $1,000 for every mile a home big located outside a city. now the savings might be even more. and a new bride and her
9:32 am
husband way a detour on the to their wedding reception after taking lots of pictures at their tennessee wedding. they got word the father of the bride and two family members were in an accident. the brid hertill in wedding dress, raced to the scene. sarah and her husband are both emts. she jump d into the back of the ambulance to make sure her grandmother was all right and everyone who was injured will be okay. the phot of the bride emt in her wedding dress has been viewed by more than a more than a million people on facebook and now more so. now a check of the weather from mr. roker. al? >> what a great story. thank you. we have showers and thunderstorms in the knnortheast into new england. rest of the country not bad. windy around the great lakes behind the front with the upper level low pressure system hanging out. as we move into tomorrow, a few left over showers around the great lakes. rest of he country looking spectacular. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms through the southwest and in the southern tip of florida.
9:33 am
[ no audio ] that's your latest weather. >> a old shes became the youngest actor ever to be nomi emmy for an her role as rudy huxtable on "the cosmet cosby show." now she's auditioning women to marry her boss in "will to love." >> hi. >> i did 't know you were the youn bet actor to nominated
9:34 am
for an emmy. >> still to this day. >> when you look back on those years what do you think? what was the experience like? >> look at that picture. >> i love that. >> that my probablile one of favorite episodes. all of the episode s where we got to dress up and do something different were fun. it was an amazing experience. i enjoyed my time there. they are definitely a second family. i was blessed to work for eight years on an amazing show with a cast andwho, you know, was amazing to be around and i enjoyed. >> we know you have always talked about you had a great working relationship with mr. cosby, bill cosby. >> mm-hmm. >> you said when the accusations came out this is not the man you knew or know. >> yeah. >> as you continue to hear this, what are your thoughts now? >> it's an unfortunate situation. it's still the same for me. that was never my experience with him. i had the amazing opportunity to interview him for my podcast, candid can keshia and share the man i grew up with,
9:35 am
the man i knew. it wasn't how i him. experienced >> you're your own woman, you have your own career. we are talking about "will to love." it's suc concept actually. i love that it's a romantic comedy with characters we don't normally see in romantic comedies. >> i worked with marcus houston bf. he called me. it wbirthday. he said we have this project. i want you to do it. you're perfect for it. i said, script.the i would love to read it. i felt people would enjoy it and it was heartwarming, relatable. it's a cute love story. >> t isstory marcus houston. he gets an inheritance but there is a clause it.get >> i order to get it he has to marry. he can't get a mail order bride. he has to legitimately marry for love. he's on this -- he dedicated his life to business, work. like so many people in america do. they look up and
9:36 am
they have no one to share it with. his grandfather wanted to ensure he would find the love piece, also. you know men. you go around your elbow to get to the thumb. >> spoiler. >> the g but in't ask this will. >> your eyebrows are on fleek. they areincredible. what's the secret? >> okay. my favorite brow pencil is dior universabrown. >> i have it. clearly i don't know how to use it. >> it's awesome. follow. i just follow the arch of my brow and go with it. >> tamron, it's a trend. >> this is a question you don't know where we are coming from. >> great remarks. >> thank you very much. >> they are beautiful. >> thank you. >> the lashes aren't bad either. we can go all the way down the list. >> let me know. >> willie had a crush -- >> i told her. >> we had the conversation. >> unfortunately he's
9:37 am
married now. it's too late. >> if it were 1985. >> wow. >> so great to have you here. congratulations on the film. it's called "will to love." it is available on demand and on dvd. >> up next, never have a cluttered kitchen drawer again. i will show you the drawers of my kitchen at home. i have a gadget addiction. and keshia h s one, too. we'l what youwn really need in the kitchen. and my embarrassing. i have a product. never before seen by anyone in our kitchen. you need it. it. >> these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful!
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the frequency of bloating, gas, discomfort or rumbling. the best part, it tastes great! ♪ dannon time now for my tuesday trend. there co in a point even's life where you've got to say out with the old and in with the new. toda clutter cutting the in our kitchens. so say bye-bye to the av enueocado slicer you never use. hi, as people
9:42 am
walk in. private chef and lifestyle expert. bryn says these are the gadgets we need. i have pictures of my kitchen which i'm only showing you the clean version. that draw is repeated like seven times. >> that's pretty good. >> i have more spoons ladles and things i don't know. on the top of the counter i have a mixer, convection oen. i have a addiction. i will admit it to gadgets. >> i have that 'addiction also. there are things you do not need. vintage vejy chopper. why? >> that looks scary. >> get rid of it. it belongs to my mother. >> get rid of the chopper. >> garlic peeler. i have one. >> this is the worst. gets wet. doesn't work. garlic press. >> i have one of those.
9:43 am
>> some people like it because you can get the essence and the meat comes out. lemo squeezer. >> i have three of these. lemon, lime. >> if yo 're doing lemon juice get a big electric lemon juice processor. boom, yobunch. a avocado peeler. again, it's three in one. it might work for people. i feel like you can practice your knife skills with that. all this stuff is bulky. >> this is one thing i cannot live without. this is called the skill let scrunchie. $20 on amazon. it h mys clean all of pots. it's amazing. it works. you have to pull this from my cold, dead hands. you it.'t have the garlic peeler is something i love. it lets you slice. you say get rid of it. >> i want you to get used to the basics. >> you have a paring knife and a chef's knife. >> that's all we need ? >> you can do a lot in the kitchen with an eight-inch
9:44 am
chef's knife. i want to show you quickly how to do the >> we don't have time. >> you don't want to. a meat thermometer is essential for cooking meat. you have to know if it's rare, imme well --m >> fancy digital? >> analog is fine. everyone should have a meat thermometer in the kitchen. >> i have several zesters. do i need several? >> you need one microplane. it's a zester. gets the zest out of the lemon, lime. >> multiple sizes? >> you can get a coarser grind for mayb garlic or nutmeg. i like the nutmeg like this. >> moving on, how many more do i need? i'm on my fifth or sixth. >> two. i don't like -- >> we're out of time. real quick. how many do i need ? >> we have cookies in the oven. the silicon glove is good. they have a high heat resistance of 500 degrees. >> how many do i
9:45 am
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9:49 am
with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. >> annouciti: the concert series on today is proudly presented to you by citi. >> cassidy pope burst onto the music scene in 2012 becoming the fist female to win "the voice." she had a bunch of chart-topping hits sin ready tond is do it again with her latest single "i am invincible." one of our favorites, cassidy pope. take it away. ♪ ♪ broken glass inside won't cut through me ♪
9:50 am
♪ pain behind my ♪ i turn into strength ♪ oh, i will ♪ oh, i will ♪ i will survive ♪ ♪ i am ♪ i am a diamond cut to last ♪ i am ♪ i am ♪ i am a hero ♪ like a phoenix fro the ash ♪ whoa, ♪ invincible ♪ cracks run through these walls ♪ ♪ but they still
9:51 am
stand ♪ oh, heart covered in scars ♪ but my fear is ♪ oh, i will ♪ i will survive ♪ i am ♪ i am ♪ i am a diamond cut ♪ i am ♪ i am a ♪ like a phoenix from the ash ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ nothing gonna m or me break shatter ♪ ♪ nobody's gonna tell me that i don't matter, no ♪ ♪ i ♪ time is ♪ keeps
9:52 am
getting faster. >> got to ♪ bring out the ♪ 'til i can say ♪ ♪ i am ♪ i am ♪ i am a diamond cut to last ♪ i am unstoppable ♪ ♪ i am a ♪ like a phoenix from th ash ♪ i am ♪ i am ♪ i am a diamond that will last ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ whoa whoa, whoa
9:53 am
♪ invincible [ applause ] >> wow. that was incredible. unbelievable. >> good job. >> thank you. >> cassadee pope, thank you so much. it was unbelievable. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
look, it's kathie lee and hoda. >> oyeah. >> how are you guys? >> great show today. we have taylor kinney from "chicago fire." we'll ask about gaga. >> gaga. >> gabrielle
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. 9:56. time to check your first alert forecast now with meteorologist bill henley. plenty of sunshine out there. wait, there was. clouds now. >> yeah, the clouds are quickly coming in ahead of showers. the showers are moving in from the west. the clouds won't be here all day. the chance of showers will continue into the afternoon. this is the view from center city. radar view shows the wet weather that's just starting to move into portions of chester county,
9:57 am
harris burg seeing some light rainfall as well. the temperatures have been climbing. showers will take a break from the warming trend. right now, 67 degrees in philadelphia. 50s in clouds for lancaster, reading and pottstown. we'll warm into the 70s this afternoon. and we continue to follow this breaking news on nbc 10. we've learned that the philadelphia man who was shot by robbers inside his home died at the hospital. police say this blue chevy may belong to one of the robbers who carried out the home invasion. police say they found a bloody handgun inside the car. the vehicle was towed as potential evidence after it crashed into another car at 51st and lucas streets in cobbs creek. the victim is a 50-year-old man. he was shot in the head with his wife and three young children inside the home at the time. sky 4's 10 was over the scene on south ruby street early this morning. three men entered the home through an unlock door, held a
9:58 am
gun to the woman's head, demanding money and then shot her husband. the children were unharmed. we'll have another update in 25 minutes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. right-o. uh-huh. >> who is that? >> rachel and her new song "stand by you." and she had that one great song and this is another one. >> yeah, yeah. it is october 13th, and a v a good fun show, and he keeps it hot on "chicago fire" and find out where taylor taylor kinney keeps it hot kinney keeps it hot


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